NB (bachelorettia) wrote in echos_narcissus,

a personal favourite.

bruce weber, vanity fair calvin klein insert, page 67; 1991.
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personally, i find the hand in the britches way too al bundy. but other than that, damn the composition is cool. good selection to share, bebe!

ps. thank you for the compliment. i haven't done serious photography in ages so i am using tye as an excuse to get back into it again since he's taking a course on the subject. :)
::dies.:: i actually had that same thought. but, you know.. he's no al bundy. i mean.. dang.

p.s. you are very welcome, of course. i mean to finally get my hands on a manual camera when my birthday rolls around, but it's a while away. :/ maybe i'll ask for it earlier.